QB78 Airgun Testing Services

Archer Airguns Custom and Value-Added Services
Available with rifle orders only

Archer Airguns Gold Service (Recommended)

This is the popular premium service from Archer Airguns, with a host of benefits which any enthusiastic airgunner will immediately recognize as representing excellent value for the additional charge. It recognizes that your rifle is as individual as you are and provides all the benefits of the Archer Airguns Bronze and Silver Services, plus skilled individual testing. You save hundreds of dollars through not having to buy all the testing equipment and you save all the time which it takes to become proficient at its use, too!

  • Target
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    Your rifle is given a full functionality check, including adjustment and tightening of all external screws as necessary (including the all-important barrel band screw).
  • Ten "The Peak" flat nose airgun pellets (wadcutters) are then selected and weighed, using a high-precision Lyman LE 500 electronic scale. We calculate the average pellet weight in Grains.
  • Next, we fire these same 10 pellets using your gun at a specially-designed Archer Airguns Test Target at a range of 10 yards.
  • We record the muzzle velocity for every pellet using a top-of-the-line Shooting Chrony Gamma Master Chrony, which automatically calculates the average muzzle velocity and Standard Deviation before printing the results. The print out is attached to your test target.
  • The combination of average pellet weight and average muzzle velocity is then used to calculate the average muzzle energy attained by your individual rifle under the test conditions.
  • Then your rifle's trigger pull is tested 10 times using a Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge. The average value is calculated and noted on the Archer Airguns Test Target.
  • Finally, the ambient temperature at the time of testing is also recorded on your Archer Airguns Test Target, which is included when your rifle is carefully re-packed. 180 days warranty is provided. Stoeger air rifles all carry a Benelli USA two-year warranty.

Now you have a clear understanding of how well your individual rifle performs under one set of conditions!

$19.99 available with rifle orders only!
Archer Airguns Bronze Service

Already a better level of service than most other vendors and offered to you at no additional charge!

  • We will send you an e-mail confirming receipt by Archer Airguns of your order.
  • Before shipping your chosen items, we record your customer name, gun model and serial number in case of warranty claims.
  • Then we advise you of the shipping date, shipper and tracking number, with a second e-mail if we cannot ship on the same day as your order arrives.
  • The comprehensive Archer Airguns warranty is included, valid for 90 days. Stoeger air rifles all carry a Benelli USA two-year warranty.
  • Your purchases will be carefully double-packed for shipment.
  • If you wish, we will add you to the Archer Airguns Mailing List so that you keep in touch with further exciting developments.
No additional charge.

Archer Airguns Silver Service

The Archer Airguns Silver Service is available at a small additional charge to your gun purchase. For the additional sum, you receive all the benefits of the Archer Airguns Bronze Service plus the following valuable services, specially-designed to give you additional peace-of-mind:

  • Your air rifle will be given a comprehensive visual check to ensure that it has no obvious defects.
  • Then we will dry fire CO2 rifles. Springers are fired with pellets "for effect" rather than with "Gold Service" accuracy in mind. This gives a further immediate indication that all is well with your purchase.
  • After this, we will carefully clean the bore by running a soft “bore snake” through it, starting at the breech so that any minor debris from the manufacturing operations does not make its way back into your gun.
  • As an additional bonus, your air rifle will be covered with an additional 90 days of the comprehensive Archer Airguns warranty, making a total of 180 days coverage. Stoeger air rifles all carry a Benelli USA two-year warranty.
$9.99 available with rifle orders only!