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Bulldog Marauder, Armada 392, 397
Discovery, Maximus Marauder Pistol Trail NP Pistol
Benjamin Airgun Parts

Archer Airguns stocks a wide variety of parts for Benjamin airguns. Most are sourced direct from the factory, however some are designed and manufactured by Archer Airguns. Many are combined into kits that make it easy to undertake particular tasks - such as a reseal - without you needing to find all the individual Part Numbers.

Archer Airguns 2X Seal Kits include twice the number of critical parts. This means that if a pesky part rolls away out of sight, or you need to re-do a reseal for a second time - it's always easier the second time! - you will still have enough parts.

Here you will find parts for Benjamin Marauder, Armada and Discovery air rifles. There are parts for Marauder air pistols, 392 and 397 rifles and more...
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