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The QB78 Repeater

Available now from Archer Airguns is a new version of the first mass-production self-indexing, 10-shot version of the QB78 air rifle - the QB78 Repeater. The QB78 Repeater is also available as a kit that can be retro-fitted to any existing QB78 or QB79-type air rifle.

This new version includes a cock on opening action as standard for improved feeding. It also incorporates an improved breech design with rear bolt locking lug. This holds the bolt back for loading a magazine and can act as an additional safety in operation. It also makes assembling the Upgrade Kits easier!

The QB78 Repeater is available in four versions:
- QB78 Repeater complete gun
- QB79 Repeater complete gun
- QB78 Repeater Upgrade Kit for any existing QB78-type air rifle
- QB79 Repeater Upgrade Kit for any existing QB79-type air rifle

The QB78 Repeater uses the well-known 10-shot Benjamin Marauder magazine. It’s designed and manufactured in the USA!

The QB78 Repeater includes a number of features that improve on the basic QB78 platform, including:
- “XP Tune Kit-type” bolt for increased muzzle velocity
- Significantly-stronger anchoring of the barrel in the breech with 2 widely-spaced setscrews for increased accuracy
- Riser breech design allows for the QB79 Repeater to be used with 9-ounce paintball tanks without an adapter
- Barrel band for the QB78 Repeater provides much more rigid support than factory barrel bands
- Breech and barrel band precision CNC-manufactured from aircraft-grade Aluminum.
The bolt is CNC-manufactured from high quality steel

This video gives an overview of all Repeater models.

Compatible with many existing Archer Airguns upgrade parts, including Oversize Bolt Handle.

The QB78 and QB79 Repeater Upgrade Kits include all the parts required to upgrade any existing QB78, AR2078, QB78 or AR2079 model with “drop in” assembly. Also fits the Tech Force TF78 and TF79 models.

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